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Scuba Diving Medical Statement

Scuba Diving Medical Statement

There is often some confusion about the scuba diving medical statement required to participate in scuba diving activities.

  • If you are a certified scuba diver and not participating in a course, this statement is not required.  (You did it when you got certified).
  • For everyone else the form is required.  This does include first time divers that are not pursuing a certification course.
  • The medical statement has a bunch of questions about your health.  If you can answer them all NO, then you are done when you sign the form.  No physicians signature required.
  • If you have a YES answer on the form you will be required to have a physicians signature on that form BEFORE you can get wet – be it pool or ocean.
  • It is worth noting that one of the questions is “Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?”  A YES means that you will need a physician’s signature.
  • We do not provide refunds for people who show up, fill out the form with a YES, and then cannot dive that day.  So, plan ahead.

View Medical Statement Form Here

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