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Honolulu Scuba Company is now open for business post COVID-19. 7am to 7pm daily. We are taking reservations for boat charters starting Oct 1st. In the meantime, you can support us by taking Online Scuba courses or simply making reservations for July or later.  Since we currently have a stay at home order, we’ll do business through the locked front door, just wave, we are still supporting local divers!

Casey Mylrea


Casey was born and raised in Santa Cruz CA where he learned to surf. From an early age Casey fell in love with the ocean. Every summer however Casey would venture eastward to Camp Rockmont in North Carolina where he learned how to sail. He went on to work as a counselor. Casey grew up traveling with his family all over the world and loved exploring and meeting people from all cultures. For Christmas one year his parents gave him Open Water Course and that was that. He found his calling. Because of his love for travel Casey decided to venture outside the US to dive. He got his Divemaster in Cairns Australia and his Instructor and MSDT in Croatia.