Megan Ames

Instructor/Shop Staff

Originally from Maine, Megan moved to Hawaii in 2014 and “dove” into the life. Her passion for anything in the water and always wanting to be active, lead her to surfing, paddling, and ultimately Scuba Diving. She enrolled in our Hawaii Scuba University taking her dive experience from Zero to Hero. While training to become an Instructor, she worked in the shop to gain valuable industry and product knowledge. Megan has had the pleasure of working, diving, and learning from some “truly amazing people, including her students”. She incorporates the best of what she has learned, and continues with this thirst for knowledge, always wanting to learn more. She equally loves to share her knowledge, experience, and love for diving with anyone who wants to “talk diving”. “Diving is more than a job or even a sport, it’s a passion, a way of life!”