Scuba Diving Charters

Turtle Canyon

Morning & Afternoon:
2 Tank Dives

Sit back, relax and have fun watching for dolphins, turtles and enjoy the spectacular views of Honolulu during you scuba diving charter as our crew takes care of all your needs. Our Coast Guard-Inspected vessels feature fresh water showers and roomy sun decks, with ample storage. Complementary snacks and refreshments are included.

To save time before your charter you can review, print out, and bring with you the following forms that apply to your charter.

Medical Questionnaire (non-certified divers) - Youth Flip chart & Youth Acknowledgement Agreement for divers under 15 yrs old (certified/non-certified divers) - Boat Release (certified/non-certified divers),

Premium Certified 2 Tank Wreck Charter NITROX $149

This certified dive is a 2 tank Premium Wreck charter with Enriched Air Nitrox (NITROX is a specialty gas blend to allow for longer as well as safer diving). This charter will be available to all certified divers regardless of certification level. Our instructors will give daily "Discover NITROX Experiences" at no additional charge.  If you have always wanted to try nitrox on a scuba charter, this is your chance.  Nitrox certified dives or first timers alike will enjoy the extra bottom time on the wrecks that nitrox allows.  If you enjoy the benefits of nitrox diving, then you'll have the option to purchase certification after the dives at the dive shop. *Please note that the depths of this charter exceeds the limits for JR divers under the age of 15 years old.

Certified 2 Tank Shallow Reef AM Charter: $124

Honolulu Scuba Company is the only operation on Oahu offering full length scuba diving charters to shallow dives site in the morning, leaving the rest of your day open for other activities.  Would you just like to see the bountiful sea life that inhabits the shallow reefs around Oahu?  This is the dive for you! There are amazing green sea turtles, wrasse, trigger fish, octopus, moray eels, and sea slugs. These dive sites Oahu are also good for people who are getting back into diving after a break, doing open water referral dives, or just want an easy relaxing dive charter without the depth.

Certified 2 Tank Wreck and Reef PM Charter $124

Our wreck/reef dive offers a deep plunge to a legendary shipwreck and a shallow dive to Oahu’s enchanting natural reefs. We’ll take you on a scenic boat ride, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching for dolphins, turtles and spectacular views of Honolulu. When it comes time to dive, get ready for an exhilarating underwater experience. *Please note that the depths of this charter exceeds the limits for JR divers under the age of 15 years old.

Afternoon 2 Tank Discover Scuba Experience Charter $129

No scuba diving certification required! If you are comfortable in the water and just cannot wait to swim with the fish, you can jump right in with our one or two tank Intro Discover Scuba Experience. You will be with a professional Instructor as you cruise the underwater world seeing all the great marine life that Hawaii has to offer like sea turtles, schooling fish, octopus, and moray eels on your two 30-45 minute dives!

Sunday 3 Tanker Charter $169

Join us for one of our most popular charters at HSC.  We head out to some of our favorite sites, usually two wrecks and a shallow reef dive. This is a more advanced charter for certified divers.  Lunch is provided on this charter and it is a beautiful day on the water!

Snorkeler/Ride Along: $50

Have a friend or family member that is not wanting to scuba dive?  They can still join you on the boat for a cruise or to snorkel around the sites while you are diving. (Snorkeling is only recommended for the shallow reef dive charters, which are still abut 35 feet max depth).