Nitrox Diver Certification

Nitrox Diver Scuba Certification

Would you like more bottom time on your next dive? Dives on air have pretty short repetitive dive times, which is disappointing when you are diving in exciting environments that beg to be explored, like Oahu's wrecks. You may be interested in our PADI Nitrox course. This course will teach you how to conduct dives with up to 40% of the mix being oxygen and the rest nitrogen. This mix allows you to stay down longer and save energy during your dives, which is a real treat when exploring Oahu’s wrecks!

If you are not Nitrox certified, getting that certification has never been easier or more fun. The complete course is taken online and the only requirement for certification when you show up at the shop is to practice analyzing the oxygen content of a Nitrox tank using the proper equipment, which takes about ten minutes. Included in the price of the course you will receive one Nitrox tank for your dive on any boat charter, and if you want an additional NITROX tank for your course it will be only $10. (Regular NITROX tank price is $15.00 per tank).

If you’re a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 12 years old, you can enroll in the Enriched Air Diver Specialty course. Note that in some regions the minimum age is older than 12.

Price: $99

Learning Options

We offer two ways to handle the knowledge development portion of the class.

  1. Classroom:  This option is perfect for those that prefer a structured classroom environment.
  2. eLearning:  Knock out the knowledge portion on your own time with PADI eLearning.  You read the materials and take the tests online, then you meet with your instructor to review.

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