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Gear Rentals & Services

Your one-stop shop for all your diving needs!


Scuba/Snorkel Gear Rentals

Everything you need to dive is included when you come with us on the Moe Mac. But if you want to adventure on your own and do some shore diving off of some of our beautiful beaches, we can supply you with everything you need!


Gear Service & Repair

If you need something fixed or want annual servicing on your gear, we can take care of it. We have our own shop and certified technicians, servicing all types of tanks, rebreathers, face masks, and other equipment.


Technical Diving Support

Honolulu Scuba Company supports technical diving, especially rebreather diving.  We stock a variety of rebreather and technical diving equipment in our shop and we have technicians on staff to help with repairs.

Technical Diving Service Details & Rates

Consumables & Rentals

Service Price
Standard Air Fill $4.00
 EANX 32% Fill $12.50
O2 Clean Air $6.00
 Air Fill Cards – 20 Fills $75.00
Standard Air Tank Rental $8.00
 EANX 32% Tank Rental $15.00
Head to Toe Scuba Gear Rental w/ 2 Tanks $50.00
Scuba Quality Mask/Snorkel/Fin Rental $24.00
Bailout Bottle, Reg, Guage, 40/80cuft (gas not included) $20.00
Pair of Rebreather Bottles (gas not included) $10.00

Tech Diving Consumables

Service Price
Helium Fill (per cubic foot) $2.25
 Oxygen Fill (per cubic foot) $0.75
EAN/O2 Blending Fee (per bottle) $5.00
 Trimix Blending Fee (per bottle) $10.00
Scrubber, Pre-Packed (2P) Sofno 979 for Se7en $84.95
 Sofnolime 812 mesh 797 Grade Keg $190.00