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Meet the Team

Learn about our divemasters, instructors, and staff!

Dr. Matthew Zimmerman

Matt moved to the island of Oahu in the year 2000 after completing a Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences…

Kevin Wong
Training Director

Kevin hails from California where he obtained a Chemistry degree at Cal Poly.  Moving to Hawaii to pursue…

Ellen Holm

California born and raised, Hannah comes to us from the state capitol of Sacramento, CA. After getting…

Matthew Kuderik
Instructor Trainer

Matthew hails from the area of Detroit, Michigan. When he was 18, he joined the Air Force and served…

Michael Jones
Instructor Trainer

Besides being an instructor trainer Michael is also a Poseidon Se7en instructor up to Tec100


Diane Kuderik

Diane hails from Hawaii and lends her skills to the dive operation while working full time for the Army…

Jeremy Sanders-Lewis

Jeremy is a navy vet from from Pennsylvania that used his veteran education benefits to become…

Matthew Elam

Matt is a full time USAF active duty and weekend dive warrior.  He is also an active rebreather diver…

Casey Mylrea

Casey was born and raised in Santa Cruz CA where he learned to surf. From an early age Casey fell…

Deloye Meacham
Executive Director

Deloye (DJ) has 24 years military service under his belt and is now retired to his second career…

Manny Katz

Manny grew up in sunny Southern California, taking advantage of everything it has to offer…