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Snorkel with Turtles

Quick Details


Visit the resting and feeding areas of the Green Sea Turtle!

The tour may visit one or two sites, both about a 20 minute boat ride from shore. It generally starts at a place named Koko Craters. This site is composed of partially collapsed underwater volcano tubes. The green sea turtles come here to rest under the ledges and they feed on the algae that grows on the surrounding reef. While you can see them on the bottom, the closest viewing is generally when they come to the surface to breath. Many fish species are also in the area. Your guides will be able to tell you what you are seeing.

In the rare case that no turtles are present at this site we will move the boat to another location to try again. The second location is called Turtle Canyons and is shallower with more coral species. It has fewer places for the turtles to feed and rest, but turtles have a wide range and are often spotted here as well. Being a shallower site means closer up viewing of the fish that generally stay close to the reef.

The name of the tour is Snorkel with Turtles! Your guides and captain will try their best to help you view them. You can expect about a 95% chance of success. The ocean is still a wild thing though, and there is never a guarantee.

Your guides are experienced Hawaii watermen/women. Besides the instruction and safety they will provide you with, they also have access to large rescue floats you have the option to hold onto. This may be best for people not comfortable in the open ocean. These floats are equipped with underwater propulsion vehicles that can help move snorkelers to the best spots for viewing.