Divemaster Course

The first level of professional scuba certification!

Quick Details

This level of scuba diving certification is for those who are serious about scuba diving training and look for a future in scuba diving and leading other certified scuba divers.  Your training takes place at some of the best Oahu scuba diving sites.


  • 18+ years of age
  • PADI medical statement signed by a physician
  • EFR certification or equivalent
  • PADI rescue course
  • 40+ logged dives

Participants must own a full set of personal dive equipment. A Divemaster PADI Scuba Certification from any dive shop has this as a requirement, as it is a standard for the PADI organization.

Pricing Considerations

We’re aware that costs for tuition seems higher than most Hawaii dive shops. However, free unlimited boat diving during your scuba diving course is the difference between us and the other dive shops on Oahu. The quality of the program is simply higher at Honolulu Scuba Company. We provide more hands-on training with real certified divers than any other dive shop on the island, and assist you in becoming a real, not a “textbook” divemaster. You’re working directly with full time professional dive instructors at a real Oahu scuba diving tour company. You learn how to plan, lead, brief, and conduct dive trips, and be able to handle less experienced certified divers’ everyday problems without thinking twice by the end of your scuba diving training. If you want the real thing, here it is.

How it Works

We provide free boat dives during your training towards a Divemaster Padi Scuba certification  – a significant perk and a smart reason to choose Honolulu Scuba Company for your Divemaster training. Our goal is to turn out Divemasters that are fully capable of leading these same Oahu scuba diving tours by the end of the scuba diving training course. You have flexibility to pursue your own scuba dive training times within the one month free boat access period.

If you are only available on weekends, the period of no cost diving may be extended to two months.

Time Commitment

If you have complete flexibility to pursue your own divemaster training times within the one month free boat access period. We send out five boat charters daily, and have group OW classes every week, as well as daily Discovers Scuba Diving participants, so scuba diving training opportunities with real students and clients are abundant. Pool based skill assessments, assisting with OW students in the pool, rescue scuba diving training, and swim tests will be coordinated with your professional mentor. You will work directly with him/her for many aspects of your training, but you will be assigned to work with multiple instructors during your training so that you are exposed to different styles of scuba diving training and supervisory techniques. Please understand that you will get out of this program what you put into it. Just meeting the minimum requirements will require some dedication on your part, and if that is your goal, you mentor will assist you in the faster road to completion. But if you really have time to immerse yourself in our operation, you will have considerable experience in a number of facets of the scuba diving industry upon completion of your professional training.