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Whatever your skill level or certification pursuit is when finding a reputable dive shop with trusting and knowledgeable instructors, the best place to look are the reviews of the shop, and Honolulu Scuba Company is a 5 Star establishment. Honolulu Scuba proves above the rest, to offer amazing experiences for all PADI certification classes of diving.

As an individual you can get the kind of training that is one on one, and classes adapted to your schedule. Learn together as a family and make your future family holidays’ underwater adventures you can all enjoy together in the years to come.  Whatever your situation is, you can book classes with other divers or private classes and private charters with Honolulu Scuba Company and make it a vacation you will never forget.

In our experience, students from our training programs wind up becoming very good divers, competent members of PADI society, and continue their education in diving. They always come back out on Honolulu Scuba Company trips together on future weekends or vacations.  Each class we teach helps our dive community grow, and we look forward to having you join us! Reserve your course and experience for yourself the professionalism and fun our Instructors offer above the rest.

If you’re unable to attend your class, please contact the shop at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting the cost of the class, or a rebooking fee of $80. Make-up sessions may also be required if students are unable to complete PADI performance requirements in the provided time frame, which is more than ample for all of our students who arrive prepared.

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