Technical Diving Support Services

Honolulu Scuba Company support for Rebreather and Technical Divers

Honolulu Scuba Company supports technical diving, especially rebreather diving.  Besides trimix O2 clean blending panel with Masterline booster, we also stock absorbent, rebreather rental bottles, bailout bottles with regs,and O2 sensors. We have technicians on staff for Prism2 and Se7en units.  Complete rental units can be made available in the event of a failure.

What are my rebreather diving options?

Rebreather divers are welcome on regularly scheduled charters, $99 (see detail eslewhere on this site). However unless arrangements are made in advance for a rebreather specific charter, rebreather divers will need to stick to the open circuit dive plan.  Our local rebreather community dives on Tuesday and Friday evenings, up to two and a half hours of bottom time.  These evening charters are bare boat, bring 100% of your own equipment and arrange for a dive buddy in advance, there are briefings on board but no guide.  However, these charters are only $40.  For private rebreather charters, the cost is $900.  Arrangements will be need to made well in advance if technical depths are desired, as many or our technical instructors have day jobs.

Consumables & Rentals

Standard Air fill $4.00
EANX 32% fill $12.50
"O2 clean air" $6.00
Air Fill Card - 20 fills $75.00
Standard Air Tank Rental $8.00
EANX 32% Tank Rental $15.00
Head to Toe Scuba Gear Rental W/ 2 Tanks $50.00
Scuba Quality Mask-Snorkel-Fin Rental $24.00
Bailout bottle, reg, guage, 40 or 80cuft, gas not included $20.00
Pair of rebreather bottles, gas not included $10.00

Tech Diving Consumables

Helium fill per cubic foot $2.25
Oxygen fill per cubic foot $0.75 
EAN/O2 Blending Fee per bottle $5.00
Trimix Blending Fee per bottle $10.00
Scrubber, Pre Packed (2P) Sofno 979 for Se7en $84.95
Sofnolime 812 mesh 797 grade keg $190.00

Technical Diving Courses - PADI Courses

CourseDurationEquipment Rental PriceCourse PriceAdditional Charges & Requirements
Rebreather Diver - Se7en 3 Days $100 per day - $500 per week $995.00  $500 Boat Charters & Consumables
Advanced Rebreather - Se7en 2 Days $100 per day - $500 per week $500.00 $250 or $0 if taken with Rebreather Diver 
Tec40 - Se7en and P2 5 Days $100 per day - $500 per week $1,500.00 $500 Boat Charters & Consumables
Tec60 - Se7en and P2 4 Days $100 per day - $500 per week $1,500.00 $500 Boat Charters & Consumables
Tec100 - Se7en and P2 5 Days $100 per day - $500 per week $2,000.00 $600 Boat Charters & Consumables

The $500 charge for charters and consumables is a flat rate so the student can accurately budget for costs.  It includes your gas charges, absorbent charges, boat charters costs, and required bailout bottle and reg rental and gas needed for that.  The idea is to provide the prospective student with an inclusive cost.  HI sales tax of 4.712% does apply.