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Honolulu Scuba Company is now open for business post COVID-19. Staff is 100% vaccinated. 7am to 7pm daily. Travel to Oahu, Hawaii as of now does not require a covid test for vaccinated travelers. Hawaii still requires masks indoors.

Horseshoe Reef

Max Depth: 40'

This artificial reef is named after an underwater steel pipeline an old storm drain which travels from shore to a huge coral bed in 60 feet of water. There are several finger reefs to be found here interspersed with sand patches. Keep an eye out for the variety of juvenile wrasses to be found on this dive. This is a great spot to find octopus, leaf scorpion fish and the devil scorpion fish. At the end of the pipe large schools of barracuda often hang out as well as the largest morays around. On the east side you will find horseshoe reef, which is abundant with marine life.